1. Anonymous said: fucking racist piece of shit


    The Asian couldn’t care less about being called racist.

    The Arab is indifferent as well.

    The black laughs and then insists he can’t be racist due to him conveniently redefining what racism is to better serve his needs.

    The white scrambles in response, shocked and confused. He tries to invent an excuse, putting forth more effort than any other race to wash his hands from this accusation.

    I refuse to be like one of those whites. Piss off. When the other races give half a damn about that slander as whites do then maybe I’ll care.

  2. Republicans and “conservatives” are now using Marxist language to discredit people. Who cares if Tom Wolf is a millionaire?

    One conservative on my Facebook argued, “I think our Governor [Tom Corbett, who made this picture] is just trying to point out the hypocrisy of the Democrats. It was bad when Romney was running but okay for Wolf, yet both are millionaires.”

    Possibly. But that’s how parties shift. Right now we have the party that’s supposed to be on the right (the Republicans) using Marxist talking points as a means to get ahead of the part on the left (the Democrats). Culture is ever shifting leftward, so the Democrats ramp up their leftism to stay current, and the Republicans follow in that same direction to try to keep up with the Democrats. It’s partly why there are hardly any right-wingers anymore; why today’s Republicans are yesterday’s Democrats, and today’s Democrats are yesterday’s Communists.


  3. "GRAPES"


    you can’t spell “grape” without “rape”

    this is why I need feminism

    fuck the patriarchy and fuck grapes

  4. Hey, love is love and you can’t put limits on love. I know this because liberals said so.


  5. Dear blacks,

    You don’t get to be among white people voluntarily and complain that you are being oppressed by them.


  7. "If you hate white people…"


    Don’t like us? Do without us!
    Think we are racists and haters? Do without us!
    Think we are intolerant and biased? Do without us!
    Think we are a disease and anti-Semitic? Do without us!
    Believe we are unfair and stingy with the fruits of our culture? Do without us!

    Don’t make excuses to stay. After all these years of complaining these complainers forfeit their right to live in white countries.

    We say to all those non-European factions shrilling about our unfairness, intolerance and racism - the perfect solution to your problems with white people is simple. Do without us. Leave. Go somewhere that does not have all this hate and racism you claim we have. Such places should be plentiful since only white countries hold the distinction of being biased, prejudiced, unfair, intolerant and hate filled racists. 

    Will Asians treat Blacks better than Whites do?
    Will Blacks treat Asians better than Whites do?
    Will Hispanics treat Blacks and Asians better than Whites do?
    Will Jews treat Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Muslims better than White people do? Will they treat Jews better than white people do? If they are more tolerant, less prejudiced, more generous, more fair than white people we say - go for it. Why hang around in white nations feeling oppressed and hated? These accusations about white countries are not unknown around the world. Yet, millions of non-whites are pouring in to white countries to live among us so-called racists so they can feel oppressed and hated and gripe about us. More Jews live in Christian America than anywhere. Every anti-Semitic white country has Jews. (The more power Jews have in our countries the more anti-Semitic (anti-Jewish) we become and that is the truth. When we find ourselves placed in a position where our sons fight and die in wars for the Jews and families must be against the survival of our race in order have jobs and earn a living you can bet we become anti Semitic.) 

    These non-white people want the things we produce, but they don’t want us. Life doesn’t work that way. Somebody is missing a card in their deck. You can’t get the golden egg without the goose that lays it. These folks want us to take them in, coddle them, take care of their every need, but get out of the way. We can’t. We are the ones who lay the golden eggs. You can’t have one without the other. 

    But these whiners can do something about their sensitive feelings. Do without us. Don’t make excuses to stay. If we are as bad as claimed there is no excuse to stay. No one has to put up with us. They NEVER had to. That’s the unreal part. No one ever had to put up with the White population. Not one month, not one week, not one day, not one second. Thus, skip the woeful tales as excuses to stay. 

    DO WITHOUT US. Just like you poured into our countries, leave! Pour yourselves OUT. From now on go away, leave and take your complaints with you, do without us.


    I got a boner.

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  8. "[S]eparation from God is death, and separation from light is darkness….It is not…the light [that] has inflicted upon them the penalty of blindness."
    — St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies 5. 27:2

  9. "I have the suspicion that men today believe in God more than at any other time in human history. Men know the gospel, the teaching of the Church, and God’s creation better than at any other time. They have a profound consciousness of His existence. Their atheism is not a real disbelief. It is rather an aversion toward somebody we know very well but whom we hate with all our heart, exactly as the demons do. We hate God, that is why we ignore Him, overlooking Him as if we did not see Him, and pretending to be atheists. In reality we consider Him our enemy par excellence. Our negation is our vengeance, our atheism is our revenge."
    — Dr. Alexandre Kalomiros
  10. There was also that attempt made not too long ago to teach “Ebonics” as an actual language to make blacks feel more intellectual than they actually are.

  11. Feminism.

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  12. Vindication

    "Bush lied! There were no weapons of mass destruction."

    From the AP on Tuesday:

    Iraq has informed the United Nations that the Islamic State extremist group [ISIS] has taken control of a vast former chemical weapons facility northwest of Baghdad where 2,500 chemical rockets filled with the deadly nerve agent sarin or their remnants were stored along with other chemical warfare agents.

    Democrats lied, Bush was vindicated. You don’t have to be a George W. Bush fan to relish this.

  13. southernrepublicangirl:

    The sad thing is this actually happens outside of Tumblr. My friend went on a date with a guy who told her that he felt like he was a dragon because it helped him “fly away from his problems”.

    Needless to say that first date was the last. 

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  14. Sarah Palin’s “Impeach Obama” stunt

    Conservatives have yet again shown themselves to be the very same sheep that liberals are.

    Sarah Palin, a has-been who has become a professional milker of fame, has jumped into the spotlight again by stating she believes President Obama should be impeached.

    Of course every conservative believes Obama should be impeached. Even I believe he deserves far worse than that—prison, for example—but I also know the ramifications of that and realize it’s a bad idea (more on that further below). But when a conservative darling, like Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, says it, conservative voters act as if it’s a brand-new, original thought of that person.

    "Sarah Palin says Obama should be impeached! This reminds me why I love her so much!"

    And Palin is not a stupid woman; however, she does know how stupid conservatives can be.

    Conservatives, ask yourself this: Why would Palin come out to publicly say Obama should be impeached? What purpose is served? Did she think she was being the first one to declare it? Has she not heard many other big names in conservatism say that very same thing? Has she not seen that they got the media’s attention and conservatives’ praise for saying it?

    Why does it need to be said again? It’s been said. Stop saying it.

    But saying it was Palin’s way to capitalize on conservatives’ idiocy. She knows conservatives clap like seals whenever a famous person says Obama should be impeached. What she was hoping for is to insert herself into the spotlight again (professional milker, as I said) by saying what every other conservative says. She saw how conservatives hoisted Ben Carson on their shoulders the moment they realized, “Wait a minute, that’s a black man saying something against Obama!” She wanted to be looked at again as a possible contender for the presidency. She wanted to be praised as being daring and ballsy and unconventional and outspoken. But she’s just mimicking everybody else.

    Why is it an entire week of news when she says something that every other conservative, including big-name ones, has said before? I don’t know, but Palin knew it would be and she wanted that praise and attention from conservative voters.

    Saying that Obama should be impeached also does nothing to advance the goal of his removal from office (what conservatives really mean when they talk about impeachment). The Republican House can impeach Obama if they want to, but that does nothing to remove Obama from office. The House does the impeaching, which is essentially the process of telling the Senate, “We think this guy should be removed from office,” but it’s the Senate that decides if a president is actually removed from office. But you may recall that it’s the Democrats who control the Senate, which further points to Palin just wanting attention from her emotional fan base.

    (Side point: Even if Republicans do gain control of the Senate after the 2014 elections, do they really want to forever taint their own party as the party that impeached (“lynched,” it will be written) the First Black President OMG?)

    You have to wonder if Palin is actually a Democrat who is part of a conspiracy to make conservative voters, the ones who praise her every unoriginal thought, look like idiots.


  15. Anthony Cumia

    I support Anthony Cumia’s racist tweets. It’s true what he said: black people do tend to jump straight to aggression and violence without any civil discourse leading up to it. Something upsets them and they start beating their chests and swinging their arms.