1. "My Conscience Is Clear"



    A lady who has a bad leg and walks with a crutch walked by me carrying bottles of water, juice, etc. I asked her if she needs help and she said no thank you. I went outside and told her I had to ask. My late mother was a nurse and it’s how I was raised. I love being a nurse’s son.

    She told me people with disabilities are thankful that there are some people like me out there. The sad part is there’s not many of us.

    So my conscience is clear. I can sleep well tonight.

    that was incredibly ableist and sexist of you, showing her how much stronger and able-bodied you are. poor woman, you probably made her feel like shit. way to go.


  2. elvispretzel asked: white ppl wanna be oppressed so bad lmaooo

    You spelled “black” wrong.


  3. "Being born an ugly woman is alot like being born a man, you have to WORK for everything."
    — Daniel Tosh

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  5. Cliven Bundy Speaks Truth about Black Culture, GOP Turns and Runs

    Rancher Cliven Bundy, who became an overnight hero of conservatives when the feds swarmed his ranch (which was on federal land and for which he had not and has not paid grazing fees in twenty years), has stepped into some cow pie with the remarks me made to a New York Times reporter.

    To the non-thinkers, his statements sounded horribly racist. To the cowards, his statements made sense but required fierce, public rebuke.

    Here’s an excerpt from The New York Times:

    "I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro," he said.

    (He refers to black people in the same way Senator Harry Reid refers to them. Maybe it’s a Nevada thing.)

    Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids—and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch—they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.

    "And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?" he asked. "They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom."

    Without thinking about these words, it’s true, they do sound anti-black. But what really is he saying? He’s expressing sympathy for blacks, that they don’t have a family life, that they end up in jail or pregnant, how they have no jobs and are, as he sees it, slaves to the government.

    Honestly, is any of that untrue?

    Whether blacks did have a better life under slavery than they do now doesn’t matter. The point is that Bundy obviously believes blacks had it better under slavery, and therefore he isn’t saying anything anti-black. He’s saying it was better for blacks, not for whites, when slavery existed in America. That contentious point is up for debate, obviously, but he spoke from a place of sympathy, not malice.

    Ignoring the slavery aspect of his remarks (since delving into that requires more words than I’m willing to type), is everything else he said untrue? Be honest with yourself. (Senator Rand Paul pretended to believe what Bundy said was untrue, but he’s running for president and is required to be a coward.)

    Last spring, at Virginia Beach’s College Beach Week 2013, 40,000 black teenagers swarmed the town and raped, pillaged, brutalized, murdered, robbed, ransacked, and destroyed property. Nine-hundred emergency calls were made. According to witnesses and to videos, it was all black people who were doing the crimes and causing the ruckus.

    Does that sound like these black kids have nothing to do? Sure does to me. The locals are preparing for a repeat of last year’s episode. The coward who wrote this article explains it without once mentioning that it’s blacks who the locals are afraid of.

    But in the eyes of those 40,000 black teens, and the ones who are expected this weekend, it’s not that they have nothing better to do; it’s that this is their version of fun. This is the better thing to do, gathering in packs to harass whites. We all have witnessed it, so there’s no purpose in pretending we’re blind. There were times in history when they didn’t do this stuff for one reason or another, but Bundy is right: today, black culture is different. Everybody, including the blacks themselves, is worse off for it.


  6. I love afrocentrism



    The theory that all human life began with a black person is amazing to me because the premise of it is essentially that white people evolved from blacks—in other words, that white people are more advanced and evolved than blacks. 

    Hahaha! I love it.

    Evolution =/= advancement; only adaptation to ones environment to better suit an organisms survival.

    Domesticated dogs have evolved from wolves, but they’re not necessarily more advanced. Lots of breeds of dog are both more and less intelligent than wolves, stronger and weaker, bigger and smaller, etc.

    True, but it’s still nice to think that if evolution and afrocentrism are both true, then blacks are closer to monkeys than whites are. I believe in neither, as you know.


  7. Anonymous asked: "I don’t believe that the Holocaust happened the way that we have been indoctrinated to believe" What is the purposes of the indoctrination. What exactly went down, and how do you know?





    The Jews were exiled and were transferred to the camps under Hitler’s orders. During this time, there was a war going on as well as lots of illnesses spreading through out the camps, thus yes - People died from illnesses as well as starvation as it wasn’t exactly easy to get supplies out to them as the camps were secluded. I believe that sure, a hundred thousand Jewish people died in these camps . But there is no way that 6 million people were killed and cremated/ buried into these so-called mass graves, let alone the new 11m figure that they are claiming. I mean… that’s a LOT of bodies.

    Not to mention that there’s no real solid proof of these so called gas chambers actually being used for such. The numbers don’t add up.

    Can unapologetically-indie please stop saying things? It’s not cute or trendy to be a disgusting fucking bigot, and they really don’t deserve a platform to be spewing this garbage.

    My blog, my content. Have a problem with what I post? Then go else where.

    I disagree on a lot of things you say, but I respect your opinion, specially if you form your opinions based on information you find. But what the fuck is this? You’re not “cute and trendy”?

    Is this what having an opinion is coming too? Wanting to be cute and/or trendy? It really sums up very well these fucking millennial teenagers. For them it’s all about being popular and unique.

    That’s all you can say about these “sexualities” and “genders”. It is what it is: bullshit made up to be cute and trendy added with insufferable tolerance and political correctness to kiss everyone’s ass.

    Young liberals hold the beliefs they hold because they are trendy beliefs to hold.


  8. Constitutional-amendment proposal

    John Derbyshire lists ten amendments he’d like to see in the Constitution. I particularly liked his third one:

    Withholding the vote in federal elections from all civilian federal employees.

    This is elementary. If government’s your living, of course you’ll want more government. Why do you think six of the nation’s ten richest counties are in the Washington, D.C. commuter zone?

    You say universal suffrage is a treasured and hard-won feature of our democracy? All right; but I’m not denying the vote to women, blacks, or aborigines. I’m denying it to forest rangers, federal judges, and GS-15s in the Department of Administrative Affairs. If they don’t like it, let ’em get jobs in the private sector.

    Read his others at TakiMag.


  9. "white girls getting shots"


    every time i go to the doctor’s and hear some little white girl whining about having to get a shot, it makes me want slap her so hard. oh boo hoo, you have to get a shot, meanwhile your ancestors enslaved and tortured millions of african americans and you still use your privilege to this day to keep PoC down. smh.

    Everybody follow this person. It’s a parody blog.

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  10. Anonymous asked: I really like your blog, but I'm getting hate for following.


    openly criticize me and unfollow but secretly visit but dont like or reblog anything

    plenty people tell me they do this

    Or suck it up. “Hate” on Tumblr is just words. Deal with it and read whatever blogs you want to read.


  11. Anonymous asked: Yes you're right on the aspect of black slavers, but who kept us here for four hundred years, and beat, raped, and lynched us for four hundred years? Why didn't we go back? Because it's four hundred years later and we've been conditioned to believe that we weren't worth anything, that we can't do anything for ourselves. Why don't we go back? Because we built America we've fought for it and this IS our home just as much as everybody else's.


    I think it’s because once you saw yourselves free you realized that the states are better than Africa so you lingered on. You had no calling, no pride, no monetary motivation to go back home. You forgot your ties with your culture and land, started masquerading as Americans and Europeans.

    I can name many countries that were under foreign rule for centuries and they didn’t forget for one second who they were, never denied their identities or abandon their lands.

    The British and the other colonists built the states. You were granted citizenship and freedom. Be grateful.



  12. Anonymous asked: Black people were not under foreign rule, shit we weren't even people. You gave us freedom and citizenship? No. We fought for that shit. And when the civil rights movement came around we fought for our rights. You didn't give us anything. You're white, you were born in a security blanket with a golden pacifier in your mouth. Black people in this country are not valued we are nothing to society. And human beings like you perpetuate that negativity.


    Well we invented those notions ( freedom and citizenship ) and we also invented civil rights. We gave you everything

    "born in a security blanket with a golden pacifier in your mouth"

    Have you ever read a book in your life? Have you heard of Europe? Aliens didn’t come and build that shit, you know?!!

    You are not valued much in white countries because these are not your countries. Do Asian value white folk in Asia? Fuck no. It’s normal.

    Even Gypsies know they don’t belong in Europe and they shut up about the oppression from hundreds of years ago because even they know that as long as they are leeching off of us they can’t complain much.

    You abandoned your lands to play pretend as Americans. Great. You have rights, you are free. Be glad and thankful. Nobody else would have given you that. And surely Africans wouldn’t have done the same for whites.



  13. Are black people schizophrenic?



    Have you guys ever seen black people walking and pantomiming hip-hop hand gestures at the same time? They’re like walking BET videos. Sometimes they have earbuds in, sometimes not. They’re like schizoids who talk to themselves. Sometimes that’s what it sounds like, too, because they’ll be muttering something under their breath while they do it, and presumably it’s a rap song. But rapping is basically talking to a beat that a computer generated for you, so it’s really not that far off from talking to yourself when you walk down the street rapping with those stupid hand gestures.

    1) fuck you

    2) your racits

    3) there’s nothing wrong with rap music. it’s poetry in its purest form. the only reason whites hate rap music is because it doesn’t conform with their white-created rules of what music should sound like. whites hate that african americans created their own form of music without whites’ approval. rap music represents freedom from white slavery. 

    4) fuck you


  14. Anonymous asked: You say that black people should go and fix their homeland? Did you forget that white men brought us here? Have you forgotten about slavery and tinge various social injustices that black people have had to face? It's just sad and pathetic that people like you are still around. You don't even understand your own ignorance.


    Have you forgotten that blacks started the slave trade? That some black slaves were bought from black slave owner? That the first American slave owner was black?

    Also, wy didn’t you leave after being freed? If the US was so dreadful and racist why did you stay?

    As “underprivileged” as blacks are, they sure do enjoy being in white socieities. It’s almost as if white create better societies than blacks do.

  15. White privilege.

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