1. "[S]eparation from God is death, and separation from light is darkness….It is not…the light [that] has inflicted upon them the penalty of blindness."
    — St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies 5. 27:2

  2. "I have the suspicion that men today believe in God more than at any other time in human history. Men know the gospel, the teaching of the Church, and God’s creation better than at any other time. They have a profound consciousness of His existence. Their atheism is not a real disbelief. It is rather an aversion toward somebody we know very well but whom we hate with all our heart, exactly as the demons do. We hate God, that is why we ignore Him, overlooking Him as if we did not see Him, and pretending to be atheists. In reality we consider Him our enemy par excellence. Our negation is our vengeance, our atheism is our revenge."
    — Dr. Alexandre Kalomiros
  3. There was also that attempt made not too long ago to teach “Ebonics” as an actual language to make blacks feel more intellectual than they actually are.

  4. Feminism.

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  5. Vindication

    "Bush lied! There were no weapons of mass destruction."

    From the AP on Tuesday:

    Iraq has informed the United Nations that the Islamic State extremist group [ISIS] has taken control of a vast former chemical weapons facility northwest of Baghdad where 2,500 chemical rockets filled with the deadly nerve agent sarin or their remnants were stored along with other chemical warfare agents.

    Democrats lied, Bush was vindicated. You don’t have to be a George W. Bush fan to relish this.

  6. southernrepublicangirl:

    The sad thing is this actually happens outside of Tumblr. My friend went on a date with a guy who told her that he felt like he was a dragon because it helped him “fly away from his problems”.

    Needless to say that first date was the last. 

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  7. Sarah Palin’s “Impeach Obama” stunt

    Conservatives have yet again shown themselves to be the very same sheep that liberals are.

    Sarah Palin, a has-been who has become a professional milker of fame, has jumped into the spotlight again by stating she believes President Obama should be impeached.

    Of course every conservative believes Obama should be impeached. Even I believe he deserves far worse than that—prison, for example—but I also know the ramifications of that and realize it’s a bad idea (more on that further below). But when a conservative darling, like Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, says it, conservative voters act as if it’s a brand-new, original thought of that person.

    "Sarah Palin says Obama should be impeached! This reminds me why I love her so much!"

    And Palin is not a stupid woman; however, she does know how stupid conservatives can be.

    Conservatives, ask yourself this: Why would Palin come out to publicly say Obama should be impeached? What purpose is served? Did she think she was being the first one to declare it? Has she not heard many other big names in conservatism say that very same thing? Has she not seen that they got the media’s attention and conservatives’ praise for saying it?

    Why does it need to be said again? It’s been said. Stop saying it.

    But saying it was Palin’s way to capitalize on conservatives’ idiocy. She knows conservatives clap like seals whenever a famous person says Obama should be impeached. What she was hoping for is to insert herself into the spotlight again (professional milker, as I said) by saying what every other conservative says. She saw how conservatives hoisted Ben Carson on their shoulders the moment they realized, “Wait a minute, that’s a black man saying something against Obama!” She wanted to be looked at again as a possible contender for the presidency. She wanted to be praised as being daring and ballsy and unconventional and outspoken. But she’s just mimicking everybody else.

    Why is it an entire week of news when she says something that every other conservative, including big-name ones, has said before? I don’t know, but Palin knew it would be and she wanted that praise and attention from conservative voters.

    Saying that Obama should be impeached also does nothing to advance the goal of his removal from office (what conservatives really mean when they talk about impeachment). The Republican House can impeach Obama if they want to, but that does nothing to remove Obama from office. The House does the impeaching, which is essentially the process of telling the Senate, “We think this guy should be removed from office,” but it’s the Senate that decides if a president is actually removed from office. But you may recall that it’s the Democrats who control the Senate, which further points to Palin just wanting attention from her emotional fan base.

    (Side point: Even if Republicans do gain control of the Senate after the 2014 elections, do they really want to forever taint their own party as the party that impeached (“lynched,” it will be written) the First Black President OMG?)

    You have to wonder if Palin is actually a Democrat who is part of a conspiracy to make conservative voters, the ones who praise her every unoriginal thought, look like idiots.


  8. Anthony Cumia

    I support Anthony Cumia’s racist tweets. It’s true what he said: black people do tend to jump straight to aggression and violence without any civil discourse leading up to it. Something upsets them and they start beating their chests and swinging their arms.


  9. Why I called conservatives annoying on July 4

    On Independence Day, Tumblr’s conservatives were being intentionally obnoxious with their eagle memes and their George-Washingtons-Driving-Cars memes and their presidents-riding-carnivorous-animals memes. They themselves even acknowledged that they were being obnoxious. Their desire to partake in the liberal version of patriotism (trendy patriotism, memetic patriotism, ironic patriotism) made a joke out of the entire day. Conservatives, you won’t be taken seriously by others if you don’t even take yourselves seriously.


  10. Way to go, conservatives

    You’ve turned Independence Day into a joke, a meme, an annoyance.


  11. "Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids."
    — Clint Eastwood

  12. Why Teachers Suck

    Public school is a place where too-busy or too-uncaring parents send their kids so they can learn how to someday catch a venereal disease.

    I suppose that’s a bit insensitive of me, ignoring the other goals of public school: the undermining of parental authority, the disregard of traditional family values, disrespect of Christianity, etc.

    But truly one of the results of public schooling is that more people will get AIDS one day. “Your prospective sexual partner has HIV? Here, wear a condom! It’ll work maybe!” “Homosexual sodomites spread disease with their promiscuity? Respect them!”

    RethinkingSchools.org is a radical-Left website that doesn’t mind teaching kids how to spread disease as long as it’s in the name of tolerance and other such hokum.

    "Despite the recent advances in LGBTQ rights," write the editors, “most schools aren’t safe for queer students. In a recent survey, six out of 10 LGBTQ teens said they felt unsafe at school and 82 percent had been verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation.”

    "Aren’t safe" and "felt unsafe" are not the same thing, first off.

    Also, six out of 10 “queers” feel unsafe wherever they go because the Left tells them that society is unsafe for them. They want them to be afraid. As long as queers are afraid, the Left can offer them safety. Vote for Democrats, you queers, and you will be safe in our all-inclusive, infinitely loving utopia.With a message like that—with the rousing of fear being the intention of that message—what’s wrong or unexpected or unacceptable that six out of 10 queers feel unsafe in schools? I’m surprised it isn’t 10 out of 10.

    And 82 percent said they have been verbally harassed (read: made fun of) for having an affinity for sausage frottage? Cry me an AIDS river. One hundred (100) percent of people who have ever worn glasses have been “verbally harassed” (made fun of) for wearing them. Redheads, too. It’s no longer trendy to make fun of queers; most people are afraid to do it because of the societal backlash that comes with it. But making fun of redheads is completely acceptable. (I’m not complaining, by the way. I’m a redhead and I’m okay with the mockery. How can I expect anybody with clear enough vision not to make fun of gingers? Most of us are grotesque.)

    And 100 percent of humans have been made fun of for something. It’s part of life. You shouldn’t try to stop people from being offended or feeling emotional pain in life. Since pain is inevitable, shielding kids from it prevents them from ever learning how to cope with it, and that leads to the development of psychological complexes later in life.

    RethinkingSchools’ solution, as if there should be one, to stop anti-LGBTQQIIAA+ bullying is for teachers to “invite kids to talk openly and ask questions about gender and sexuality.” Solid education, that. How could it possibly be that American children fall far behind other countries when it comes to intelligence?

    Having Q&A sessions with young students is “a critical key to building community where no one is silenced”—except for bullies, though, right? We can silence people who say things that offend us, right?—“where everyone’s reality is recognized and valued.”

    Why is our education system so screwed up? Why are our kids so screwed up? Because each of their realities, even the contradicting ones, the mutually exclusive ones, is validated by our awful, awful teachers. They tell us not to shame homosexuals out of their STD-spreading behavior but to encourage it. They tell us that there are no wrong answers in life.

    Oh, how I loathe teachers!

  13. angryreaction:

    It’s remarkable how non-white murderers are given the silent treatment but the reverse is given the spotlight. Even outside of the US this can be witnessed.

    Why do our leaders do this? Why do they constantly remind us of white criminals but neglect these monsters?

    Likely because these leaders either do not represent our interests or are not our people.

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  14. Huh. Never thought about it like that.

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    i can’t stop watching

    his hair tho, as the hood flies off

    Boy, does it piss me off that that person said, “His hair tho.” That’s not a sentence, and “though” wouldn’t make sense there even if he HAD written a sentence (such as, “Look at his hair, though). That’s still not a complete thought. COMPLETE YOUR THOUGHTS, YOU APES. You all copy each other’s way of talking and you think it’s clever and witty. It’s retarded. Stop!

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